Stop The Victim Mentality | How Did It Work Out For You?

Come with us behind the scenes in a Wolfpack seminar for a motivational rant on how to rewrite life and make it ‘work out’.


Transcript From How Did It Work Out For You | Mark Ottobre Video

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How Did It Work Out For You?

So, here you are. You have an event when you’re 18 and you give up soccer to help you better at school. You get worse at school, then you judge yourself for making the wrong decision, but the decision ultimately forms your life path of getting into personal training.

So what’s the problem with U12? How do things not work out for you? It sounds like things worked out for you. Yeah. No, but this is the bullshit that we tell ourselves. We write our past as okay, I came last in my very first bodybuilding show. Yeah, I was that guy on stage that you would’ve laughed at. And you would’ve said, “He should not be on stage.” And you were right, absolutely. But you know what it did for me? At the end of it, I said, “Fuck it.”

That was such a hard experience for me that I don’t want any other fucker to go through what I had to go through. I put on 14 kilos in three days, do you want to talk about body dysmorphing issues? Fuck, I had them coming out my ears. Yeah. I had them for a very long time.

But you know what? I started getting into NLP. That drove me to De Martin, that drove me to writing these affirmations. It became to when I lived at my moms house, you came into my bedroom, all over my bedroom the little butcher pieces of paper with little affirmations on the wall and beliefs and my values, do what you love, love what you do. Service. Be of value. Have impact. Wealth. Boom. One corner. The universe is conspiring for my success. The other corner. I am a healthy person, eats healthy foods and [inaudible 00:01:32] my body. Here are my goals. Being able to charge $150/hour for personal training.

Nother goal, being able to charge $4500 for personal training package. These are my packages, I’m going to have this many gyms. I’m going to have this many trainers. This is what I’m going to be earning. Everywhere in my room. Boom. Constantly facing me. That’s what I created.

Took me 12 years, but I’ve manifested it. At the tender age of 33. A lot faster than what other people took. But I … what’s the word? What’s the word I’m looking for? I … immersed myself in it. Immersed myself. I didn’t believe it wasn’t going to work. It was fucking no way it wasn’t going to work. It was going to fucking work because I didn’t care how long it took.

So yes, I changed the story. What do those things mean? Looking back now, all the dots connect. Fuck, of course you came last in your bodybuilding event. You wouldn’t have changed, you wouldn’t have trained any of these competitors if you didn’t come last. What if I came first that day? I’ll tell you what’d happened if I’d came first that day. If I’d come first that day, I would’ve said, “Fuck, see how good I am. I know everything there is to know about bodybuilding. I’m so fucking good, I’m just going to compete next year and win again.”

What growth is there in that? So did things work out for me? I think it worked out pretty well me coming in last. I think it worked out pretty fucking well. Would I have changed coming last for it? No, I would never. That experience at the time, which I perceived as a very very negative experience, it left me shattered for weeks. Because I put everything into it. Everything you could possibly put into it. Starved myself, did twice a day cardio, did twice a day training, did super training plans, I was probably eating like six-800 calories a day for months on end. I didn’t care, I thought this is what you had to do. I didn’t know any better because that’s what I was being told by my coach at the time. It was fucking stupid.

But I look at it now and go, “Yeah, okay. What’s great about that?” I’ll tell you what’s great about that is you give me a fucking shit plan, I still follow it and get that result. You give me the right plan? I’ll fucking blow your mind. So, I just need to get the right plan. So spend more time getting the right plan so you can be excellent. Same thing with you, Cam. It’s not that things didn’t work out for you, it’s that you’re telling yourself things didn’t work out for you. You need to take your power back. Your power’s not out here, your power’s in there. So you need to go back and we just need one. We just need one story about soccer, but I want you to go to the next story that you’ve been telling yourself and find how did it work out for you? Because I’ll tell you now, it did work out for you. You’re just telling yourself a bullshit story that it didn’t work. And that’s all it is. It’s fucking bullshit. Okay. It did work out. It’s up to you to see the dots.

Because you can either be the victim of your life, or the victor. It’s your choice. And you know what? No one in this room’s going to lose sleep if you choose to be the victim. No one. No one cares. You want to be the victim? Be the victim. No one cares. The world doesn’t care, and no one will care. No one will care about Cam. The impact that you could make on this world … no, but it’s true. No one will care. You think all people should be more caring and empathy? No, they don’t give a fuck. But you step up and you start being a value to people, then people will care. And that comes with you being the victor, not the victim. Cause you’re not going to get there being the victim. So you have to rewrite your life’s story in accordance everything does workout for you, I’m going to see it. No matter what happens from this day forward. Things do work out for me and I’m going to be dedicated to actually seeing it that it works out for me.

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