Mark Ottobre’s Thoughts on Dan Andrew’s Comments on Gyms


Victorians got treated to another press conference with Daniel Andrews where he crushed the hopes and dreams of this (once great) city. In a question, he deemed gyms as unsafe. Not fit for a COVID world. He said this was based on international data. Heres the international data I’ve collected so far: 


Montreal, Canada has recently reentered a red-zone lockdown for 28-days. Since the previous lockdown, they now have data and learnt personal training studios and gyms to be very low risk. As such, they were still permitted to operate inside of stage 1 red-zone lockdown under an appointment-based model.


Data collected from the United States, from 49.4 million club visits, across 2877 locations in August, found the infection occurrence rate was 0.002% and zero transmissions occurred from any reported cases.


Similarly, in the U.K., the infection rate is 0.34 cases per 100,000 visits from 22 million visits in two months following reopening with zero community transmission recorded.


Domestically, data collected by Fitness Australia shows that from 7.31 million check-ins across 546 clubs in the first eight weeks after NSW reopened gyms, there were zero cases of reported community transmissions.


If you’re not playing along at home, folks, Melbourne recorded just ONE COVID case today. We are in the longest and strictest lockdown in the world for now once case a day. He’s doing this for HIS political career – not to save lives. If there’s another outbreak, his done and he knows it, meanwhile, this city cries itself to sleep.

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