5 Things I Learnt From Tony Doherty (Lesson #5)

by Wenn Lynn

And Then Be Prepared To Do Some Unreasonable Sh*t

Tony Doherty at Enterprise Fitness

Tony Doherty started his career in the gym by cleaning toilets for free.

He wanted to work in a gym so badly that he didn’t care that it wasn’t a personal training gig or that he didn’t have a wage. In fact, every day, without fail, he scrubbed, painted and fixed things until the gym members started to approach the owner, telling him how spotless, well kept and fragrant they were.

So when, a position as a trainer was finally available – Tony was first to put his hand up!

Sadly, it was as an aerobic fitness instructor.Mindset Personal Training Gym

But Tony still stuck through it and came up with simple aerobic routines with no experience in group fitness classes whatsoever, teaching up to 20 classes a week!

And these days we complain when we’re told to wash the dishes. The thought of cleaning the toilet is just beyond us. And cardio? Does the walk to the fridge count?

If you were too lazy to get through the blog posts, I’m sure you can definitely relate to that last bolded sentence 😉

So here’s your TL;DR conclusion (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Did you read the other 4 Lessons? 

Believe in Yourself

Your Personality Creates your Personal Reality

Don’t be Reactive…

…Instead be Proactive


BUT WAIT… there’s more! >>> Passion

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