5 Things I Learnt From Tony Doherty (Lesson #4)

by Wenn Lynn

… Instead, Be Proactive

Tony Doherty At Enterprise Fitness

Your success in life does not only depend on your ability and talent; it also depends on your capability to grasp each opportunity that comes. You need to be able to make quick decisions, and not be afraid of taking risks or making sacrifices.

Because you need to free your hands in order to grasp what’s coming.

On our quest to success, we focus on what we have to gain, when what we should really be thinking about is what we’re willing to lose.

For example, if you want to run your own business, you will have to put in more hours of work, sacrifice sleep, weekends, holidays, nights out with friends… If you only focus on the glory of owning a business, but aren’t willing to make these sacrifices, what makes you think you deserve it?

As Tony Doherty says,

Don’t put your hands out, put your hands up”.

Don’t ask what can I gain. Instead, ask – what can I do to reach my goals?

Because opportunities in life come by taking action, not by chance.


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5. And Then Be Prepared To Do Some Unreasonable Sh*t

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Believe in Yourself

Your Personality Creates your Personal Reality

Don’t be Reactive…

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