I Can’t Wait For Another Amazing Year With Wolfpack!

Having gone through the physical challenges of 42km marathons, 100km Ultramarathons, Gatorade Triathlons… if there’s one word to describe Bec McSweeny, it’s going to be ‘determined’.

But even the most determined of us face our life challenges. For Bec, it’s been a great and long journey…

After completing my PT certificate, I’d never been personally challenged within the fitness industry.I was the most experienced and qualified in my workplace, and this made me not only stagnant and stale, but it also lowered my own standards and expectations of myself.

Something needed to change. 

I needed to be challenged and step out of my comfort zone.

Education has always been a major aspect in my life, and I just ‘never stop learning’.

So I started researching, and heard great things about Enterprise Fitness.

I contacted Mark, and completed a couple of seminars, including the Enterprise 3-day Internship and the How to Train the Female Competitor Course.

Last year, I applied for the Wolfpack mentorship.

And never looked back ever since.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It has been a massive investment (in excess of 50k), but so worth it! Working with the master mentor Mark and the Wolfpack crew has been invaluable.

I was forced to make some changes both personally and professionally. 

The first major step was changing gyms. But before this happened, I had hit a low with some personal issues.

I was being a b*%ch! To my friends, family, work mates, most people… I was frustrated, and used it as a defensive mechanism.

It wasn’t until I actually sat down, talked to Mark and found the root of the problem that things started to change…

The first thing was to stop using the blame game! Whether that was on other people, other trainers, that I no longer had the resources or time to train competitively, or that my standards were so high…. the list goes on….

These were all things outside of me, and I needed to cycle through and find the issue, which was inside of myself…

…Which was JUDGEMENT.

I needed to stop judging others, and more importantly, stop judging myself.

And I needed to stop comparing my life to a fantasy.

I had to take the first step.

A major factor was changing my attitude. Stop feeling depressed and lonely; and start being grateful, happy and non-judgemental within myself.

This is still an ongoing process, and it forever will be…

One of the greatest things I’ve learnt from Mark is gratitude.

This goes way back…. things I needed to acknowledge and to be grateful for, especially for what I have achieved.

I was never grateful for my physical achievements, for completing marathons, ultramarathons, and even triathlons.

It’s only when I sat down in our Wolfpack class and looked back on how much I’d actually done; only then did I appreciate it. Which I think everyone needs to do!

Now, thanks to Mark, I’m continuing to achieve more mentally, and challenging myself both personally and professionally within my business.

Knowing my business is still going strong after all these years; tells me I am doing something right, and I should be proud!

I’ve always had a steady client base, but after joining Wolfpack, it’s even more prevalent! I’ve extended beyond my normal niche market, which is mainly competitors & athletes, to reach more general pop clients. And then there’s my long term clients, they’ve been training with me since day one…. You know you love me!

Overall, my business is booming and it can only get better!

I love working with my clients, and experiencing each and everyone’s process. They’re committed to their goals as much as I am, and I’m happy to show them the process to get there.

But it definitely doesn’t happen overnight; I’ve built my business from scratch and done all the sh*t jobs in the process. But just like marathon training, I know I’m in it for the long haul with each and every client.

Slow and steady wins the race; there’s no quick fixes. And from my own experience, a major key I try to put across is listening to your body. Knowing when to push, and resist; and having realistic goals and timeframes too.

Being in Wolfpack, Mark has taught me invaluable coaching tools that have helped me teach my clients not just the physical side of training, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of it. And they can use this knowledge and implement them for the rest of their lives!

This is where Mark has set the bar high, for not only me to look up to, but hopefully more and more people in the industry!


I want to help innovate the fitness industry as a whole, and get people to realise how high the standards should be with personal training.

Until you sit down, talk about it, and dig deep; most people will keep their issues bottled up inside, or what’s worse, not even acknowledge that it could be a problem.

Whether it’s their training, marriage, job, abuse, kids, drugs, relationships, money or childhood…

Problems in any or all of these can contribute to not only eating issues, stress, gut issues, restless sleep, weight issues, anxiety, muscle loss, fluctuating energy levels…

Any or all of these can definitely interrupt and affect our bodies to work at its highest potential.

We need to find the base issue and then work our way up to the peak. But it all starts with one thing – digging deep.

It’s not all about losing weight or getting on that competitors stage. Some client’s goals are as simple as feeling healthy, happy and confident within their own bodies….

And this can all come back to judging yourself – whether you don’t feel worthy, skinny enough, strong enough, pretty enough, or being grateful for what you have already achieved.

This mentality can put you in a bad stead for a long time.

We all need to work on our personal and professional development.

But I still think you need to be challenged, whether it’s physically or mentally.

And this is what Wolfpack has done for me! I’m ready for my 3rd year – locked in for 2018!

Your determination can only get you so far.

Don’t get complacent.

But still be grateful for what you have achieved so far.


Bec McSweeny

Wolfpack 2016 and 2017 student


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