My Financial Turnover Has Increased By $100k A Year!

Growing up I went to a small primary school where everyone was friends, we all lived locally, it didn’t matter whether you were introverted or extroverted, everyone felt like family.

When I went to high school (along with only 3 others from my primary school), many things changed.

As with most high schoolers, people started being ‘classified’ into different social circles. I wasn’t one of the popular kids so I focused on my study. But I was good at sports so that made me get along with everyone. Outside of sports though, I was very introverted, but always very driven.

My mum and dad always preached responsibility so as soon as I could work I did. At the age of 14, I was a basketball referee, and worked the counter at Woolworths.

Growing up, I’ve always loved playing sport. I was especially obsessed with basketball and all the famous NBA players, and even had the privileged of being coached by the Australian National Basketball League former player, Alan Westover!

Sport was my way of meeting people. It was how I got respect.

I was always skinny though. So when I was 16, I signed up at the local gym and started weight training – and I loved it!

When it came to finishing high school, I decided to study an exercise science degree at Deakin University. My other dream though was to own my own house.

So to please the banks, as soon as I finished my degree, I turned my back on my passion and got an office job. 5 years later I had my house and it was time to return to my passion.

I got into personal training and loved it. Like my PT’s I would work all day and into the night. Things were great! I was working my passion and had set myself up as a sole trader and was managing a 24 hour gym too.

Then two things happened:
  1. My marriage fell apart, and
  2. I was getting burnt out

Here’s where the Wolfpack program came into my life.

I didn’t know who Mark was, although his name rang a bell. One November night in 2015, I was having drinks with a friend and she was like, “You should apply for this Wolfpack program”. So I messaged Mark on Facebook.

Little did I know Mark was at a sales champ, and the next morning (a Sunday!) Mark called me and got me over the line paying 20k (at that time I had $1500 in the bank).

I felt sick, but something had to change.

I was burnt out, uninspired and VERY close to leaving the industry.

Mark’s call came at exactly the right time – right when I needed it the most.

My first impression of Mark was awesome. In our first phone call, he basically told me everything that was wrong with my business plan, and we connected with each other very quickly.

I lot of people say he’s a d*ck when they first meet him, but I just found him to be to the point, passionate and confident.

Of course he may come across as a bit intimidating (hence he’s the only person I’ve ever handed 20k over to haha).

Also a BIG thing I found is that Mark is a master communicator.

Throughout my year with Wolfpack, I saw how he managed all the different personalities in the room. There are ways that he communicated with other students that, if he had communicated like that to me, he would have lost me. But he knew how to manage my quiet persona, and all the other different personalities that people have.

I think it was in the 2016 August seminar. There were a lot of stresses on Mark. He had the Wolfpack seminars to run, one of his staff members had gone away for a trip, and a few other things had happened all within a week that anyone else would have just crumbled under. It was during that week that I saw Mark walk the talk he had been preaching for 8 months. Till this day, that still sticks with me, as it separates him from the rest of the pretenders.

I’ve been to other personal training and business seminars, but Mark’s Wolfpack program is well and above those I have seen

The other courses sell how to make crazy amounts of money, and of course Mark includes that. But he isn’t all about that. He still appeals to the same reasons you got into the industry. He shows you that you can be good at your craft and be well rewarded without being a con artist. 

Of course I had my hesitations when it came to signing up, you’d have to be loaded to not worry about spending that kind of money! (Remember, I only had $1500 in my bank account.)

In fact, I left my first phone call with Mark (where I handed over $20k) feeling sick! But even more importantly, I was excited for Wolfpack. I saw the value in it and couldn’t wait to start.

Safe to say Wolfpack has now paid for itself more times than I can count on both hands.

Wolfpack has helped me become more self aware. It helped me clearly identify my values, and I now live in much better alignment with them. As Mark says, “business development is a great tool of personal development.”

It has showed me how I could free up some time for my son and myself without sacrificing income. When I first started Priority Health and Fitness a sole trader business, I didn’t really plan on growing it until I started feeling burnt out. Also the way my marriage broke down had ruined my self esteem, I needed to believe in myself again.

Then Wolfpack fell into my lap, and I went from recruting my first trainer to now having 3 trainers under me. I’ve cut back from 6 days a week on the floor to now just 13 hours on the floor. I give myself time off in the middle of days to take my boy to swimming lessons, and a lot of dad’s aren’t in a position to do that.

As a trainer, Wolfpack gives you the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry: Mark, Andre Benoit, Andrew Lock, Bob Guiel… I was exposed to the highest standard of training, nutrition, and supplementation. I then went on to do Muscle Testing Course – and I loved all of it!

I learnt how to better structure my business to get better results for clients.

And since then, my financial turnover has increased by $100k a year!

Wolfpack has set me up for life.

I earn more than enough.

I believe in myself.

I have a business that now helps more people than I ever could by myself.

And I’m STILL yet to implement some of the stuff (especially website based), so there’s still more growth to occur!

Recently, I have just opened the first Priority Health & Fitness studio in a shop front, and I’m going to take that to the next level by increasing numbers and bringing on another 2 more coaches.


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