Why Beliefs and Values are More Important than Skills and Skill Sets

In this video, Mark Ottobre gets into why beliefs and values are more important than skills and skill sets. A great lesson for all. If you enjoy the video, feel free to share it on social media.


Beliefs and values are what shape us, and these are often overlooked when we want to accomplish something. There seems to be a disruption between gaining more skills and attaining confidence to implement them in our lives.

Many people think they need to learn more to achieve more. For instance, to gain more clients, to write a complex program, or even to carry out a bench press correctly, we often believe that extra knowledge will lead us to success. For some, more knowledge is indeed what they require, but for a lot of people it’s not about seeking more information.

You have researched a tonne and have collated a vast amount of knowledge to reach your goal, but to implement those newly gained skill sets requires that little extra.

Let’s demonstrate this with a common client scenario. All they can focus on is the end result, whereas the trainer will concentrate on the actions and behaviours to reach the result. The trainer tries to educate the client in order to explain why the programme has been chosen to reach the end goal. But, after some time, the client doesn’t see results and moves onto the next trainer, then the next and so on. This negative loop is NOT to do with them not gaining enough knowledge to implement their behaviours. It’s their lack of belief in themselves that hinders them from moving forwards.

So, now let’s bring it back to us as trainers. You want more clients, and a bigger and more successful business? Start seeing the VALUE in yourself, and BELIEVE that you are capable of getting there.

Stop telling yourself ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I don’t feel worthy’.

Start believing that you CAN, and then you WILL.

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