5 Things I Learnt From Tony Doherty (Lesson #3)

by Wenn Lynn

Don’t Be Reactive…

Tony Doherty At Enterprise Fitness

Once you know what your principles are, and define what you will and will not accept, you stick with it.

You don’t follow trends or anything else that other people think you should do.

In short, you don’t ‘react’ to other people’s principles.

Fitness Mindset Melbourne Gym

Fad diets are a great example.

In nutrition, fad diets are things that worked for some people, so they think that everyone else should do it too.

Atkins, keto, juice-cleanses… As a well-educated personal trainer, you know these fad diets don’t work. You won’t follow one in terms of nutrition, so why should you in your business practices?

Successful people don’t follow fads, they create them (unintentionally) – because everyone’s so dazzled by their achievements, and will do whatever it takes to get the same results, even if it means sacrificing their own identity and beliefs.

On the other hand, successful people don’t get caught up on competition or comparisons. They pursue goals that are truly theirs and define success based on their values and beliefs. They are able to block out the outside ‘noise’ and detach themselves from society’s labels.

So don’t be reactive…

4. … Instead, Be Proactive

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Believe in Yourself

Your Personality Creates your Personal Reality

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