How To Sell Personal Training

One of the toughest feats for personal trainers is selling.

selling PT

A standard personal training course covers the basics on training, nutrition and programming, but that’s pretty redundant if you have no clients, right?

Sales is a craft you must learn and practice. The more sale opportunities you get, the better the salesperson you’ll be, and in turn, the better PT you’ll become.

In this article, we give you the basics to getting guaranteed sales through just one simple phone call.


  • Before you can even think of calling your prospects, you need to find them and they need to find you. Make this as easy as possible;
  • Promote yourself on the mainstream social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Set up a My Google Business account
  • Get your profile printed up on the gym floor and if your gym has a website, insist on having your profile on there
  • Create a website which includes your services and a contact form
  • Have business cards at the ready – you could meet a potential client at any time of the day

Remember that social media isn’t just about getting leads and people to enquire but also a platform where potential gym members and clients will research you.

Make sure all platforms are presentable and professional, and use them to show off your expertise! Consider listing qualifications, case studies, results and transformations.


Make sure your social media followers, gym members and website visitors are able to get hold of you. Your contact details should be available at the click of a button, and have a simple form on your website to collect phone numbers and email addresses.

If an enquiry comes through via a form, you’ll have the person’s number at hand, but if they come via social media, immediately ask for their contact details so you can call them.

Don’t do business informally over social media messenger apps. Pick up the phone, it will improve your conversions.


It’s time to make that call! But before dialling their number, be prepared. The call needs to be professional, brief and to the point; it’s the gateway to a face to face consultation over anything else.

Breakdown what your personal training service entails, including the screening process, programming for diet and training and the commitment required from both of yourselves to get the results they’re after. Know your stuff inside out like the back of your hand; the more confident you sound, the more credible you’ll look and the more relaxed they’ll be.


An obvious yet ridiculously important one – remember their name, and refer to it when they first answer. Then, learn a little about the client and their reason for enquiring with you. This immediately personalises your chat, and it’s the beginning of building a rapport with your prospect.


Once your prospect is clear about your commitment and professionalism, it’s time to book in a face to face chat. Have your dates and times readily available to them, that way your meeting can be locked in there and then.

When it’s confirmed over the phone, send a note as written confirmation (ideally use the platform they contacted you on).


The phone call is purely in place to book a face to face meeting, but it is likely that your prospect is going to ask some questions. It’s inevitable that they want to hear prices, but putting out a straight forward price plan without any context is not a sensible tactic.

You won’t be able to guide your prospect to a specific package without knowing more about them, and they won’t understand your reasoning.

A beginner may be best booking in 4 sessions a week with you, but another more advanced client might only need 2 sessions with you. Thus, rather than throwing out numbers with absolutely no context over the phone, think smart and be patient.

You’ve got your face to face meeting booked; get ready for that sale!

Still not feeling too confident?

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