Write a Killer Program To Get Client Results

Does your Personal Training guarantee your clients’ success?

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Training your clients an hour at a time just isn’t going to cut it. To achieve their potential, you need to prepare and execute strategically, with all angles covered.

I’ve been personal training since 2006, and when I first started out, I learned quickly that clients don’t pay you for training, they pay you for results.

But, how do you guarantee results?

It’s not as difficult as you might think, but it does require a bit more effort than just spending an hour with your client on the gym floor.

You need to create a structured and tailored program based on their starting point and their goals. Follow these simple steps to produce a program that will transform your clients’ bodies almost every time.

1. Cast Your Client As A Winner

Speak to them as if they’re champions, and nothing less.

Constantly allow your clients to understand that you view them as winners, and continually challenge them if they slip up or become lazy.

Soon enough, they’ll start viewing themselves as champions too.

2. Have A Thorough Screening Process

In order to write a program suited to your client, you need to understand who they are and where they’re starting at.

From what they put in their mouths to how many hours they sleep at night, you need to know it all. Make sure that first consultation with your client covers everything nutrition and lifestyle related.

3. Include A Structural Assessment

To write a program that is suited to your clients’ abilities and accounts for any injuries they may have, you need to ensure a full structural assessment. From this you can gauge their initial 4 week plan, and progress them every month onto a new training regime depending on their improvements.

Check out my Trainer Transformation Pack worth $500, which includes how to carry out a full structural assessment.

4. Regular Monitoring

Check in with your clients weekly to ensure they’re staying on track. It’s important to not only keep track of their progress, but keep them accountable. If the numbers improve, they’re reminded of their progress, if the numbers fall, your clients are forced to step up and work harder.

Include calliper testing and BioSignature measurements, as well as monitoring their energy intake and expenditure (such as daily calories and steps).

Remember to reassess your program every 4 weeks to avoid boredom and ensure they are progressing.

And there you have it; 4 simple steps to write that killer program, getting your clients the results they’re paying you for.

If you’re looking to take your personal training even further, why not book a call with one of our mentors and take the next step to a solid, profitable PT career.

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