The 5 Biggest Personal Training Sales Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Sales Mistakes Every Personal Trainer Makes!

Sales is just part of the job.

Personal trainers; unless you have your own sales team, you NEED to learn how to smart-sell your service. To be frank, even if you’ve hired someone to sell for you, you’ll still need to know this stuff.

It’s too easy to lose a sale by lacking confidence or missing just one question.

We’ve written up 5 mistakes which we see all too often amongst trainers trying to push (or prance around) a client into a sale. Avoid these common mishaps and you’ll be sound!

1. Not Understanding The Client’s Needs

Before giving any advice, ask questions, lots of them.

It’s tempting to lay out your services right at the start of your consultation, but if you’ve structured your pricing and packages with some thought, you’d actually be better off waiting. In order to sell a tailored package to suit the client, you need to gain some context.

  • Who are they?
  • Why have they come to you now, and not a month ago or in 2 years time?
  • What are their pains?
  • What are their challenges?

Learn whether the client is fit for your service. If they are an aspiring bikini competitor but you only work with performance based athletes, they are not going to fit your criteria. Don’t apologise.

Once you’ve gained more context, you can approach them with what you can offer them.

2. Giving A Price With No Value

Before you start reeling off your prices, there’s one more step to cover. 

Establish your value.

A price means nothing unless you’ve given the client a reason behind it. Your pricing is specific to the expert and tailored programming that they will be receiving. Once they understand that you offer a high-quality and strategic service, your pricing will seem much more reasonable to them.

3. Not Handling Objections

A normal part of your sales consult is objections. It’s inevitable that you’ll receive some sort of challenge. They might seem daunting to start with, but the more prepared you are, the easier you’ll find them.

  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “I need to talk to my partner”
  • “I need more information”
  • “I’ll think about it”

Plan your responses to these objections and you’re on your way to secure that sale.

4. Sell With Zero Authority

You’ll find that a lot of people think they know better. Often they’re pretty set in their ways on training and dieting. They’ve read a couple of articles and are convinced that more cardio and less calories is the only way to get results.

This is your time to stamp down your authority. YOU are the expert, not your client. 

You can solve their problems, but only if they follow your rules and guidelines. They’re paying you for your expertise, and that’s exactly what you are giving them. If they think they know better, set them straight with a sufficient explanation of how your services will help them.

5. Don’t Discount

Just don’t do it, even if Tom, Dick and Harry are, stick to your original prices.



You’ll piss off your current clients and undervalue your service.

The price is set in order to represent the value of your expertise, so why undersell yourself?

Just make sure that your final prices are written down. That means your package options are set in stone.

5 sales mistakes that can easily be avoided. Take note of our advice and secure your client sales!

Want to learn more about winning and retaining clients? Check out our Sales Mastery Certification here.

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