How To Be Respected As A Female Personal Trainer

Female Personal Trainers!

  • Do you struggle in this male dominated industry?
  • Do you find clients turn you down because they would prefer a ‘guy trainer’?
  • Do you feel like you deserve more respect than you actually get in the industry?

female pt

I’m going to write it bluntly. 

Stop. Making. Excuses.

It’s not because we are being penalised for having a vagina. 

It’s not because us women are perceived as being more feeble and fragile.

There are three big reasons for us not dominating our industry (yet):

1. It’s a numbers game

Female personal trainer numbers are growing, and the gap between us and male PTs is certainly getting smaller. With time, this number will most likely even out. 

But don’t let a simple numbers game stop you. If anything, it should drive you to produce consistently outstanding client results!

2. What you portray is how you are perceived

Stop believing you’re a victim. Every time you feel inferior to another coach or trainer, snap yourself out of it. If you have the knowledge and skills, then why not be confident about it? If you don’t, it’s time to put down the iPhone and pick up a book!

Granted, negativity is bound to come your way, it’s the way of the world. Just know how to handle it.

If anyone makes a negative comment, firstly, judge whether it’s actually sound advice. If you can learn from it, great! If it’s totally unjust, that’s on them, NOT you. The comment belongs to someone who is projecting their own insecurities onto you. 

Shift your mentality away from being the victim and you’ll notice many more opportunities sparking up around you.

3. You’re knowledge and skills just aren’t up to scratch

Relying on a simple personal trainer qualification is not enough to go big time. You need to advance your training and nutrition knowledge to a much higher level in order to gain the head-turning client results you are striving for.

Find training and nutrition certs, such as They will advance your training and nutrition programming and execution skills.

But that’s not all you have to work on. Although you joined the industry to train people, unfortunately a successful business requires more than that. 

If you are struggling to secure and retain clients, it’s not because you are a female. Learn to sell and market your service so that you are never struggling for clients again. If you’re not advertising your expertise on multiple platforms or you are unable to secure clients in your sales consults, then check out this Sales Mastery Program. Implement the strategies in this program and you won’t be struggling for clients anymore.


Start dominating your own business with confidence, knowledge and results. Join us at and become a part of the world’s top PT mentoring program.

Article written by Laura Gould, personal trainer, sports massage therapist and part of the team.

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